Getting to the Root Cause of Your Back Pain

Is your back pain interfering with your quality of life? If making it through a workday is challenging and getting a good night’s sleep is next to impossible, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever find lasting relief.

Maybe you’ve tried a few things already, like changing your posture, stretching, using hot and cold packs, taking pain relievers or prescription medication. You may have even taken more extreme measures, like experimenting with acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), spinal injections or a spinal cord stimulator (SCS). Any one of these remedies might provide temporary relief, but finding a permanent solution can seem like a pipe dream.

Where Does Back Pain Come From?

Back pain is most often caused by strain, long-term tension or injury. Structural problems may factor in due to a ruptured disk, sciatica, kidney infection, etc. Perhaps your daily routines factor in if you’re sitting or standing too long or overexerting the back through repeated, improper lifting, twisting or bending.[1]

Are Electrical Current Treatments a Good Option?

While pain relieving treatments such as TENS and SCS can interrupt the signals sent to the brain such that the perceived pain is dulled, each of these solutions is still only temporary and requires ongoing use.

The TENS unit is non-invasive and uses a battery operated stimulator to send low voltage waves through electrodes to the skin. Research shows that it can be hard to find a frequency that relieves pain with any consistency though.[2] The device is also not meant to be used while driving or using machinery. Side effects can include headaches, dizziness and nausea.[3]

An SCS system is actually implanted near the source of discomfort and uses a stimulator to deliver tiny pulses to the nerves. Not everyone sees positive results with the SCS system. In fact, Boston Scientific reports that this method is considered successful if it reduces pain by 50%.[4] Possible side effects can also include infection, neurologic injury, epidural hematoma, skin erosion, epidural fibrosis, dural puncture, and allergic reactions.[5]

Even though both methods have been FDA approved, neither one gets rid of back pain. They merely mask the sensation of pain. Furthermore, success rates are inconclusive.

Looking to Avoid Back Surgery? Try Acousana™ Therapy.

Regardless of what’s causing your pain, wouldn’t it be a relief to find an alternative treatment that is non-invasive, drug free and without major side effects? Through the technological and scientific advancements of our day, such a dream could actually become a reality.

Acousana™ therapy is an ingenious way to use acoustic waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing response, initiating its amazing ability to self-repair. By increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, any acute or chronic pain in the muscles, joints, bones or ligaments can be eliminated. As a safe alternative to surgery or the use of opioids, this method presents a long-lasting solution.

  • How Does it Work? Using FDA approved, patented Softwave™ technology, Acousana™ Therapy tricks the body into thinking it has been damaged and triggers a biological response to promote long term healing.
  • What is the Success Rate? After just one treatment (which takes less than an hour), our clients have more than an 80% reduction in pain. After two or three sessions, pain can be entirely eliminated.
  • What are the Benefits of this Technology? It is non-invasive. It treats the root source of pain. No medication is required and no downtime is needed for recovery. The process is painless and improvement is immediately noticeable.






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