Acousana Testimonials

“Acousana therapy has definitely helped me and kept me from getting a very expensive surgery.”

Jace G.

“I had immediate results after Acousana therapy…for the first time in two years I can now do what I haven’t been able to do.”


“I haven’t felt that looseness in my knee for a few years..I’m feeling good about what (Acousana) is going to do in the long-term for my life.”

Gavin C.

“Acousana therapy cut my recovery time in half and put me back on my feet – I’m so grateful.”

Sean E. (ACL Injury)

“My neck has been stiff ever since my accident. I can move my neck fully now and without any pinching.”

Jennifer M. (Neck Pain)

“All the numbness and tingling is gone and I can stand for hours without any pain!”

Olivia K. (Ankle Pain)

“I’ve been getting massages for years which only treated the symptoms, Acousana therapy got to the root cause!”

Lindsey H. (Back Pain)

“I didn’t know there was a treatment for Golfer’s elbow and thought I just needed to live with it so this is a dream come true to be able to do what I love and not be in pain.”

Paul H. (Golfers Elbow)

“With each treatment, my wrist is hurting less and less. That’s the best improvement you can ask for.”

Gwen O. (Wrist Arthritis)